Fire Prevention Poster Contest

My oldest daughter, Alyssa created a poster for the “Fire Prevention Poster Contest”. I’m so proud of her, she worked really hard on the poster. Today she excitedly told us that she received a letter from the Clark County Fire District 6 stating that she has been selected to receive a prize.

This Wednesday she will ride in a fire truck from her school to the Fire Station to have lunch. She is thrilled!!! Rick and I get to meet her there to join her for lunch and the presentation, which will reveal what she has won. KUDOS and a SUPER job to my Alyssa!!!

Here is the poster she created:

The left says: Make a fire escape plan. Have a family meeting place for safety.

The middle says: Remind your parents about the stove when it’s on. The food could catch on fire.

The right says: Have a fire sprinkler or smoke detector in your home, in case of a fire.

The drawing of the girl is Alyssa!


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