Husky Run 2011

Husky Run … a fundraiser run that my girls enjoy taking part in. This year their elementary school well surpassed their fundraiser goal! Thank you to our family and friends who supported them in raising money for this event. You all mean so much to us.


This year Alyssa did not feel so well, but she still walked/jogged 9 laps. Her friend Hagan, stayed with her most of the time making sure she was okay. This photo was taken a bit after the run. It took a bit for me to get Alyssa to smile. She was so disappointed and upset, she had been wanting to beat her laps last year.

Breanna on the other hand ran super fast … 12 laps … winning her a spot on the school wall. She tied 1st place for “Most Laps Ran” with 3 other girls in first grade. Last year she ran 10 laps, so she was thrilled that she beat last year’s laps.

Here are a few pictures of her running her laps :

For placing 1st, Breanna received 2 tickets good for a Combo Pass – Rock Wall/Swimming session at the Jim Parsley Community Center. To say the least, she was a very excited girl!

I’m so proud of my two girls, both of them consistently try their hardest in everything they do. They strive to be the best they can be!


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