Turkey Stuffing Pie

Most of us have left overs after Thanksgiving, Here is one super easy pie that I baked using some of my leftovers. I still have a gallon sized bag full of turkey left after I made this, so I will reserve that for some turkey chili.

I had an extra Pillsbury Pie Crust, Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy. Additionally I added 1/2 chopped red onion, 3 chopped celery stocks, and corn.

I started by cutting up some turkey I added it to a pan with 4 cups of water. I cooked this all day (6 hours) on low (you can place in a crock pot as well.) Then I added the gravy, onions, celery and corn. Let that cook together for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Next lay the pie crust into the pan. Add your stuffing into the pan turkey filling. Then fill the crust and pop into the oven, bake about 15-20 minutes. Oh, I almost forgot if you happen to have some extra bread crumbs, sprinkle onto the top of the pie before you bake.

Later this week I will share with you my turkey chili.


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