Big Ooopsss – Red Wine on Light Carpet

Just last night a little playing around, tickling and tackling led to a BIG Ooooppss!!! I was on the phone when this all went down. I had set my glass of wine on the end table after dinner to get the phone. My Girls and and husband where playing around and next thing I know – down went my glass of wine!

All I see is dark red wine all over the carpet and the side of my couch. I get off the phone speedy fast and I want answers, I want to know what happened. It was an accident and it was a bad one. So what should I do? Take the carpet shampooer and try to suck it all up? I had no clue what step I should take to best get this stain out.

So I went straight to “Google” and searched red wine spills on carpet. There were several post and ideas. I picked one and went for it. Clean towel, Peroxide and Baking Powder. Down onto the floor I went with a clean towel (one I did not care about getting stained), I blotted up as much of the red wine up as I could. Now all I saw was PINK!  I though, this is never coming out, it is surely stained now. Then I doused it with Peroxide, next I poured on the Baking Powder and I poured it on heavy!!! I rubbed it into the carpet some, then let it set for about 5 minutes. I got another towel wet the end and started scrubbing the carpet. It looked as though the PINK had disappeared, now I saw a lot of white powder.

Finally, I took out the carpet Bissell shampooer and my husband shampooed the carpet. To my great surprise, it was gone, no more red wine stain! It dried over night and still looks good today. Now I just need to shampoo the rest of the carpet so it looks as good and clean as this spot! Hubby chore for this weekend.

If you have any cleaning tips or a “Red Wine” story send me an email or comment below. I am especially looking for something that completely removes water spots from glass shower doors. I would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Big Ooopsss – Red Wine on Light Carpet

  1. This truly works. Blot as much red wine as possible and then pour over the stain “soda water” plain and simple. Blot and repeat. The stain will be gone guaranteed. Used this many times and it works. Drop on towel and stand on damp spot to dry.

    • That sounds like a few less steps than what I had done. I will keep this in mind for if it happens again. I better get some “soda water” on hand, we never have that at our house. Thank you for the tip, Lynaire!

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