It’s Looking Like Christmas

It looks a lot like Christmas around here.

First thing we do as far as Christmas decorating is we put up our Christmas Tree. We use to have the tradition of going to a near-by farm and cutting our tree. We would bundle up, drive over to the farm, walk for miles and in search of the perfect tree. Some places even had chocolate and hay rides. Once we found the perfect tree, we cut it down and carried it to the pay station. After it was shaken and wrapped, then some years we tied it to the top of our car and other years actually put the tree in our mini-van … this was a site … the top of the tree right between the middle of the driver and passenger seats.

About 5 years ago we opted-out of the fresh cut tree and purchased a large fake tree with about 700 lights. This saves so much time with getting it all set up. I can remember the worse part of decorating a real tree was getting all those lights wrapped around the tree and then unwrapping them when it was time to put it away. I do miss the smell of fresh pine though.

Here is this years tree: Decorate Christmas Tree (check)

Hang Stockings (check)
We each have our own stockings with personalized photo hooks (the hooks were purchased at Target about 4 years ago.

Decorate Mantel (check)
I decorate my mantel with a couple little houses that light up and this is where I display most of my Christmas cards.

Girls Decorate “Kids Corner” (check)
Each year my girls get their very own special space to decorate without mom’s help. Here is their corner. They also help with the large tree … hanging ornaments.

Decorate Dining Room Table (check)

Hang Christmas Wreath (check)
I made this several years ago and it has lasted pretty darn well!

Outdoor Christmas light (check) I will update with a picture later.
Boy these were a chore this year. I got started,  lined them up, climbed the ladder and started clipping them to the gutter. A bulb looked loose, I tighten it and “BANG” it busted and shot out at me. Then all the lights went out. I flew down the ladder, ripped them down from the gutter, took a deep breath and stomped in the house. It was an hour before I attempted them again. I decided, I guess I better check all the lights before trying this again. Half my lights I threw away this year, mind you they all worked last year. How did all my stands end up with only half the length working? Hmmm mind boggling. Rick and I took what was left, we lined the garage and the entrance and front of the house. I’m so cold, I can not feel my fingertips … good enough… let’s go in and get a drink! Sound familiar? How was your light hanging experience? Do you have a real or fake tree? Do you have a color scheme?


4 thoughts on “It’s Looking Like Christmas

  1. Your home is beautifully decorated! Would like a video of you doing the outside lights. So funny! ONe time when we were young we cut our own tree in the woods. Craig would buy the flocking kits to do the job himself. He sets the tree on the patio with some plastic under it. He hooks the bag the the vacuume and turns it on. The bag inflates and explodes!! BOOOM, White flocking is covering Craig!! He is so mad, the swear word are flying and all I see is a flocked man with no sense of humor. It was the funniest sight ever!

    • Thank you Sandy! Yes, I am sure many would like to see a video of my light show … hahaha. There were several witnesses, my neighbors had some people over moving someone out of their house, so they all got a show! One viewer, a 12 year old boy had asked before I started if he could put them up for me, I had said no thanks, I can do it. Maybe I should have let him do it?

      Oh my gosh, I bet Craig was quit a site to see! I can just imagine the look on his face. That is too funny! Thanks for sharing. You guys have a Merry Christmas!

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