Grateful Week 2

With this new year I decided that each day I would write what I was grateful for that day. Once a week I will share my gratitude.

Monday, January 9 – Today I am grateful to receive a check I had been waiting for. We so needed it!

Tuesday, January 10 – Grateful for the bright cheery sunshine. Not sure how much more sunshine we will see here this winter. The forecast says rain and snow is coming.

Wednesday, January 11 – Grateful for my Diva–Alyssa and my Sweetheart-Breanna. They bring me a lot of joy. It was so much fun fixing their hair last night. Rolling Alyssa’s hair in sponge rollers, so it would be bouncy with curls today and braiding 8 braids in Breanna’s hair, so it would be cool and wavy.

Thursday, January 12 – Grateful for having a husband that helps around the house and with our girls. This morning he made breakfast for them and got their lunches ready.

Friday, January 13 – Today I am grateful that it is Friday. I am also grateful to Michelle Black for the referral that she sent me – Thank you Michelle!

Saturday, January 14 – Grateful for the excitement I felt today while Breanna played her basketball game. They won; she made 5 baskets and stole the ball several times! She was a ball of fire out there … so much joy and excitement. I just loved watching her today. I am also grateful to Rick for going and getting groceries, that is one of my least favorite things to do.

Sunday, January 15 – Today I am grateful to RELAX. There was nothing that I just had to do today. I was able to relax and not worry about anything, this does not happen often.

grateful |ˈgrātfəl|
feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful

Choose to be GRATEFUL!
Please feel free to comment and share what you are grateful for.


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