Flashback-Wine Events

The ladies and I have been meeting up for wine club since 2008. Our first event was at Michelle’s house. We had lots of food and wine and started figuring out how our club was going to work. The first couple years we referenced a book to guide us through wines and food pairing.

This book was Wine Club: A Month-by-Month Guide to Learning about Wine with Friends, Michelle had purchased it through Amazon.com.

This book teaches you and your girlfriends the art of selecting, sampling, and sipping the fruit of the vine (while you indulge in the latest gossip, of course).

It includes lots of great information about wine, gives you menus with recipes, and a monthly plan to get going. It was so useful, as I said we used it for 2 years.

We decided that we would try to get together once a month. Overall, this has worked out pretty well for us. Most of the time we each pick a month to host and we host the party at our home. On occasion we go out to wine tastings, tours, dancing and trips.

I will share some flashback wine club outings and events:

Downtown Portland, Oregon | June, 2008: We had drinks at Portland City Grill and then on our way out, we asked around about dancing and Dirty Nightclub was suggested. Crowded but fun. We just so happened to be there when it was “Cougar” night. So at least we were not the oldest in the crowd. Haha.

Dancing at the Blue Dragonfly: Portland, Oregon | July 2008. Looks as though they CLOSED. That’s too bad we had a great time there and their fish tacos were delish!

Since there are several events from the past 3.5 years. I am gong to be splitting this Flashback up into a few posts. Cheers!


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