Valentine Cards for Kids

Every year my girls love to make their Valentine Cards for school. This year is no different. They are not interested in the store bought cards, they say that they are boring.

2012: Alyssa’s Valentines – You Color My World
This was inspired by a WhipperBerry Post: Crayon Heart Valentine

Alyssa had such a great time breaking, peeling and sorting the crayons. She got her sister Breanna involved with helping, too. Next Alyssa poured the crayons into the heart baking sheet and then she sprinkled glitter into each. I then placed them in the oven (300˚) and we waited for them to melt (about 15-20 minutes). After they are meted, I took them out and placed them in front of an open window, so that they cooled faster (15-20 minutes). Once cooled, I popped them out for Alyssa. She then wrapped them with colored embroidery thread, then hot glued them to her colored paper hearts (she cut these earlier in the day – traced a heart cookie cut-out, then cut them out with scissors. Finally she hand wrote her message “Valentine NAME You Color My World!” She is so excited to give them out.

2012: Breanna’s Valentines – Valentine Message and M&M Treat
This was inspired by a Kristin Eldridge Photography Post: DIY Valentine [Personal Musings]

Breanna loved these Valentines. She chose her picture and the color and helped me choose the fonts on her card. After we designed the card, I printed and trimmed the out for her. She then wrote out the “TO” and “FROM” for each. Next Breanna filled little bags with Skittles and M&Ms (she let Alyssa help her). Then she folded her card over the bag and stapled the card to complete. We had so much fun making these Valentines together.

I started crafting Valentines with my girls when my oldest Alyssa was three (3). The first ones made were in preschool. Here are some that I had photos of.

2008: Alyssa helped me pick out the artwork for the above Valentine. We sent these out to our family. We created these in Adobe Photoshop with Digital Scrapbook art.

2009: Alyssa’s PreschooCards: Heart Rice Krispy Treats and Heart Valentine’s with a bee and sucker “Bee Mine … Buzzz”. We also created printed personal cards. We created the Valentines below in Adobe Photoshop with Digital Scrapbook art. Girls picked out the pictures and digital artwork that they wanted to use and helped me with the arrangements.

2010: Girls made butterfly cutouts with suckers and flowers with suckers. No pictures for these but here are some blogs that have a similar project. Butterfly Sucker Valentine and Flower Sucker Valentine.

2011: Breanna made MP3 Player Valentines and Alyssa made Rockets we used chewing gum instead of lifesavers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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