Shiela Strubel ©http://www.facebook.com/StudioLumiereContemporaryLifestyleImagesHi and welcome!

My name is Shiela Strubel and I am a wife to Rick – an amazing, patient husband and proud mom to Alyssa and Breanna – two smart, beautiful girls. I am so lucky to have my incredible family. I’ve been married for just over 13 years now and a mom for over 8 years. It’s amazing how many joyful moments they bring.

Love it … spending time with my family, traveling, creating art and digital scrapbook photo pages, taking pictures, going out to dinner, entertaining and going to the SPA.

Wine club … the most amazing group of women! We started with a small group of friends who met at Skinner Montessori, it’s funny how your children’s friends moms can become your closest friends. At wine club we enjoy great food, wine and friends’ company! You may want to start your own wine club or cooking group; it’s a great way to spend time with friends, relax and have fun.

Delicious … cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I try to cook healthy, fresh foods for my family. I enjoy hosting dinners for dear friends and family,  and experimenting with new recipes. Food presentation has become an artform of it’s own, being a designer I try to present my food beautifully.  A beautiful food presentation can trigger ones appetite as much as the aroma of well cooked food. Well presented  meals tend to have more takers and brings out more compliments. Yum, Yum!

Garden … grow your own. My new found passion, I just only started gardening about 2 years ago. Each year I try different plants, herbs and vegetables and my garden doubles in size. I also learn new things about gardening as I go. One thing I recently learned is that I hate, hate slugs. Gardening has been a great experience for my girls, too … it’s nice for them to know that we can grow our own food and not always rely on the stores.

Graphic Design … my career … I am a freelance graphic designer. My senior year I had decided to go to college for fashion design; as I looked at tuition, I was shocked at how much this would cost, but I went ahead and applied and I got it. But soon after, my art teacher suggested graphic design. I looked it up – what is graphic design? Wow there was so many avenues that this could take me and the schooling was a bit more in my price range … so I went for it (1994) and here I am 17 years later still enjoying being a graphic designer. I even own my own business – Strubel Studios. I absolutely love being creative and enjoy everything about designing and on the plus side, I get to stay home with my girls and make my own schedule – well most of the time.

This blog … I am writing this blog to share some of my passion for life. My family, being a mom, a wife, a friend, wine club, recipes, gardening, art/design and a bit of everything in between.  If you like simply-thisnthat, get up-to-date emails letting you know I posted a new post. Simply, subscribe by email in the right hand column “sign me up!”.  I look forward to hearing from you, please comment on posts and feel free to share your recipes and tips with me. Thank you.


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